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About the Girls

Maddi and Addi are two tiny queens taking on the world one model pose at a time. With so much expression and wittiness these two are constantly amazing those around them with their daily shenanigans at less than 3 years old. They both enjoy expressing themselves through music, dance, and an exceptional amount of drama. Let’s meet the girls individually and see what they’re all about.

Madison: The Leader

Madison (5) is the oldest of the tiny queens. A real social butterfly who loves being in the spotlight of attention. She’s never afraid to show her skills in front of people but actually encourages them to join her in the act. If she is dancing to some music she likes, expect to be told (not asked) to join the party.

Addison: The (Real) Leader

Addison (4) is the youngest tiny queen, but that doesn’t stop her from getting what she wants, when she wants it. Addi is a fearless soul who looks at life from many different angles. She is a queen of not many words but her curiosity is evident through her intense gazes and experiments.

Meet the Team

MadisonAddison is a webpage managed by the girls’ mother, Mrs. Lauren Mobley Thomas. Lauren is an outspoken individual who has always had a passion for creating. She has a BSBA degree in marketing, an MBA in management, and has precisely embodied the entrepreneur concept over the last decade. Lauren has extensive experience in marketing research and financial management such as budgeting and forecasting. Before she was blessed with the gift of two girls she was focused on a career in nail, beauty, and styling under the handle LovelysInstinct. She consistently posts videos to her YouTube channel in regards to the latest nail care products and even released her own collection of nail art. Her channel has since accumulated over 3,000 subscribers. Today LovelysInstinct focuses on capturing the growth and development of Lauren’s two daughters, Madison and Addison. Follow the girls on their shared journey of life on the platforms Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube all under LovelysInstinct.










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