Child Safety: Adoric Anti-tip Furniture Anchors

Child safety is obviously a big concern for us. When I was pregnant with Maddi, I read just about every horror story of what could happen (please do not do this). One story that particularly stuck with me was about a 2 year old little girl whose dresser fell on her while playing. Her parents encouraged people to make sure they anchor their furniture no matter how “sturdy” they believed it to be.

Adoric Anti-tip Furniture Anchors

Adoric anti-tip furniture anchors are perfect for securing furniture especially if you have little ones who like to climb or pull-up on furniture. We received 4 white anchors, screws/bolts, and instructions. The instructions weren’t as detailed as we would have hoped on how to install on furniture, however, they were detailed for anchoring TVs. There was difficulty installing but I think we finally nailed it. Because of this (and to stop damaging the furniture/wall) we used tape to put the anchors exactly where we wanted them to go before screwing them in and tightening the cord.

Anchoring Entertainment Center

We chose to anchor an entertainment dresser in the playroom because thats where the girls spend most of their time. It houses their toys and sometimes they will try to sit in it or pull on it. The dresser seems very sturdy and the floor is leveled (at our old house the floors were old and sinked in certain spots). If their TV wasn’t mounted we definitely would’ve anchored it as well. Overall its a great product and gives us a little more piece of mind.

To find out more about Adoric Anti-Tip Furniture Anchors, visit their site. If interested in purchasing, you can find them here.


**Disclaimer: I received these anchors for review. These are my honest opinions.

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