Easter DIY Gift Baskets

DIY gift baskets are always my goto thing when it comes to holidays and special occasions. Growing up, my mom would always do Easter DIY gift baskets that included things we could use year round such as books, train cases, hair bows, etc. I saw it fitting to continue the tradition with the girls. When a holiday passes you can easily find items marked as much as 90% off which is a steal! After Valentine’s Day I visited my local Target and took advantage of the 90% off savings of the Valentine’s Day items. Most items didn’t have anything that said they were for the holiday but came in the basic pink or red colors.























I chose two pink and gold boxes because they were cute and they will match the girls Easter dresses that also came from target. I picked up a variety of coloring books, activity sets, stickers, and stationary sets in their favorite Disney characters. Next, I visited the dollar spot section and found plants and sunglasses for the girls. To personalize each box, I put gold lettering on the top of their names. I really hope they like them. Check out the steps below to achieve the same thing.

  1. Select large initial, letters, and designs for box lid
    1. before removing adhesive lay out all lettering and designs to make sure its centered and fits perfectly
  2. Remove adhesive and place lettering on lid
    1. make sure you add a little pressure for best adhesion
  3. Separate goodies for box and arrange them in a pattern in which they will be displayed in the box (i.e. larger items should go towards the back)
  4. To add fullness, crumple up tissue paper and then layer grass on top
  5. Add items you prearranged in the box
  6. Slid box into standing lid (this will also give a little backing for the items to stand securely
  7. Place box in cellophane plastic
  8. Twist top of bag and tie with your favorite matching ribbon
  9. All done!


Do you celebrate Easter in your household? If so, what kind of gifts or activities do you create? Share below!

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