Favorite Childrens Books For February

Books to get:

Each month we want to share our favorite books. February is also Black History Month, therefore, we wanted to incorporate some type of literature to celebrate it and another children’s book. The girls love to read and I’m happy they enjoy a good book. However, sometimes it can get tiring repeating a book up to 5 times in a row, LOL. The reason for them requesting the constant repeat in one sitting is because they’re trying to memorize the book word for word. I find it very cute but my voice starts to crack, throat gets dry, so I must remember to have something to drink close by.



Although we celebrate Black History every day in our house, we decided it would be good to cover one person a day in our Bold Little Leaders Book. The pictures are eye catching and of course with a little animation of the voice, the girls are tuned in for the 2 min read. What I love about Bold Little Leaders is that not only is it an educational children’s book but it also features beautiful melanin pictures of little children.

Another book that we’re focusing on this month is Bunny My Honey. It’s a great book about a little bunny receiving love from his mom, playing with his friends, getting lost and being found again. Maddi especially loves to repeat “Bunny my honey, Bunny my honey!”. It’s also a really good book for bedtime as well.

What are some books you and your little one(s) are enjoying currently? What books do you hope to enjoy in the near future?

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