Kids Pizza Party with Osmo Pizza Co.


Do good, be nice, order pizza, repeat

It’s #NationalPizzaDay and to celebrate we hosted a party with some of our closest friends in Tennessee. We had a spread of pizza, snacks, drinks and the kids played on teams using Osmo Pizza Co. We always try to find ways for our kids to have fun with friends but also make it a learning opportunity.

National Pizza Day with Osmo Pizza Co - MadisonAddison
National Pizza Day with Osmo Pizza Co – MadisonAddison

I’ve mentioned their products before and how I incorporate them with the girls for homeschooling so this was a great opportunity for their friends to see what Pizza Co. is all about. Kids get to run their own pizza shop, pay rent, and learn about customer service. For the smaller kids (4-5 year olds) they like to decorate and prepare the pizza for cooking. The older kids (7+ year olds) really got into the math portion of running their own shop. Both teams got hands on experience of what it takes to run a business and how its important to pay attention to customer’s requests and feedback. This game definitely keeps the younger kids entertained for an extended period and engages them and makes them pay attention to instruction.

You can get 20% off Pizza Co. plus any of their other games on sale for a limited time. See more of our pizza fun party below!

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