How to: Natural Hair Care Routine for Toddlers

How to natural hair care routine for toddlersHow to natural hair care routine for toddlers How to natural hair care routine for toddlersHow to natural hair care routine for toddlers

A natural hair care routine for toddlers can be a frustrating process if you don’t find the right products for your little one’s hair. Learning how to do a natural hair care routine for toddlers has been a trial/error process us. Maddi’s hair soaks up any product that you put on it and usually needs a little more than the average person. She gets it honestly from her mom though. We’ve learned that coconut oil doesn’t quite do the trick but a mixture of Shea butter, oils, and almond oil are the perfect combination. Addi’s hair can be a little oily depending on the product but since she sweats a lot in the top of her head we have to be careful of what products to use because she’s also prone to dandruff.


Products Used:

The Creme of Nature Argon Oil line has been the best so far. Both girls’ hair responds well to it and I love it for my curls as well. The Creme of Nature twist and curl pudding is perfect for puffs and ponytails.  The Creme of Nature Flexible Styling Snot is supposed to be good for edges and a little more firm hold. We liked it but once the hair is fully dried you will get yellow flakes. I’m not sure if maybe I should’ve brushed it into the hair more or how to avoid this but I will give it another try.

We discovered the Curl Smiler products online and have been in love since the first time we tried it. It adds the right amount of moisture to the hair and leaves it moisturized the following day as well. Maddi’s ponytails and puffs are much softer and manageable while using the product. You can get the curl smiler with The Curl Smiler Growth & Repair Curl Butter (Scented) coconut oil or almond oil. They also offer a growth oil The Curl Smiler Growth Oil thats also good for the LOC method and adding extra moisture.

The LOC method (also known as the liquid oil cream method) is a technique for moisturizing hair. It consists of hydrating the hair with water or a water-based product which is your liquid, sealing in the moisture with oil and then applying a cream product to close the hair cuticle which prevents moisture loss (see The Natural Hair Rules for more info).

How to natural hair care routine for toddlers  How to natural hair care routine for toddlers


Here are the steps we used for our how to natural hair care routine for toddlers:

  1. Shampoo with Tailored Cocount Creme Shampoo
  2. Lightly towel dry (an old t-shirt also works best in this step)
  3. Condition with Creme of Nature with Argon Oil Strength & Shine Leave In
  4. Detangle with wide tooth comb
  5. Part hair into four sections
  6. Use The Curl Smiler Growth Oil or Tailored Grow Thick Oil on each section
  7. Detangle each section individually
  8. Section off for ponytails or puffs
    1. for each section add The Curl Smiler Butter to moisturize (I tend to use more than enough to moisturize each section)
  9. Moisturize each section with The Creme of Nature twist and curl pudding or Tailored Beauty Perfect Coils Curling Jelly
    1. Be sure to comb through each section to make sure the product is applied evenly
  10. Let air hair dry

What natural hair care routine has worked for you and your little ones?

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