Playroom Decor for Toddlers

Deciding on playroom decor for toddlers can be fun but sometimes overwhelming with so many options that are available.  We’ve recently moved into our second home and now have a more functional floor plan where everyone can be in their own space but still close enough to call out for someone. At the old house the girls only had a small corner for their toys and any learning/educational things in our den. Now they’re able to share my office space. I wanted a space where I could be productive and the girls could utilize the same space without causing too much disruption. Let’s look at their playroom/my office and talk about the significance of each area.

1. Tent

I purchased this Marimekko tent when the collection was released because I thought the colors were perfect for Maddi. We tried not to do a lot of pinks and we wanted something with fun colors that could go with any color scheme. Inside of it, I added a rug, blanket, and pillows.

2. Rocker/Sitting Chair

When breastfeeding or just generally rocking your baby it’s good to have a rocker or glider. I had a rocker with Maddi and thoroughly enjoyed being able to cuddle with her and let the chair do all of the work for me (instead of my arms getting tired from rocking endlessly sometimes to calm her). When we found out we were expecting baby number two, I knew I needed a chair to where all three of us could sit and cuddle together. This chair and a half is perfect for that.


3. Storage (Toys)

Clutter makes it hard to find anything you’re looking for. I like these storage containers I found at Target and Walmart for the girls toys. Its something that’s appealing but also functional to where they can reach in and find exactly what they’re looking for. I try to organize the drawers (but you know kids will create chaos with organization). In each drawer I put all of the legos together, all of the dolls, all of the rubbery toys, etc. Eventually I would like to label each drawer but I first need to figure out how to attach the labels so that they’re not easily removable by Addi. Addi likes to tear everything down unfortunately. This is a shot of their learning corner at our old house where you can see the storage containers.



4. Bean Bags

The Marimekko for Target collection also included a square bean bag and toss pillow. I thought those would be good additions for the girls to just lounge around on the floor in between playing. They’re also very comfortable for others who decide to join them in their playroom. I wanted decor that appeals to them but also to adults such as their parents, grandparents, aunt, etc.


5. Chalkboards

I found these ruler chalkboards in the dollar spot section at Target. I absolutely love them. Its easy to put what we’re learning for the day and what we covered on the previous day. Plus, each girl has her own board with details tailored to her.

6. Maps

I’ve never been into decorating with maps but I wanted to be able to teach geography to Maddi easily. I found this silver map at Michaels on clearance. You can take learning a step further by using a sharpie to mark in the places your child learns or you can use little star stickers to mark the capitals.

Once again the Target Dollar Spot trapped me (LOL) and had me purchase the smaller USA maps during the summer. I wasn’t sure on exactly what I would do with them but I thought they would be a good addition to my projects I had going on at the time. I was working on creating stock photos for another site I’m launching and when I finished with them I decided they would be cute for the girls decor. I also have some word art like “freedom” and red, white, and blue stars to add to the wall when I get time.

7. Wall Pictures

Showing the girls the beauty in their melanin is something very important to me. For Easter this year, I purchased these beautiful mermaid dolls from cuddle+kind.


With my purchase I qualified for two free prints so I thought an inspirational quote and a picture that featured their dolls would be perfect.


Everyday I imagine switching things around and constantly strive to find new ways to make their area as functional as possible. What are some playroom decor ideas you have or what have you done already? I would love to get more ideas and see what you’re working with!

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