Spring is a season of blooming minds and Osmo is the perfect addition to Easter baskets this year! We did a Spring Easter party for the girls around one of their current favorite games: Osmo Super Studio! Using your iPad and sketchpad, you can learn to draw your favorite characters from Mickey Mouse & Friends, Disney Princess, and The Incredibles 2. Keeping reading to get your own FREE Osmo Spring Easter activity sheets.

The kids really enjoyed the party! We had pizza, cookie cake, and treats. The kids got to choose which game they wanted to work with on individual iPads and we (the parents) assisted if they had questions. Each Super Studio game tells a story and then gives the child instructions on how to draw the character. When your child is finished sketching as directed, the picture comes to life. The kids caught on really fast as to how the game works and loved how each chapter had mini stories. The kids also had the option of saving their art work to the iPad’s photo album.

Osmo kits and games are perfect for adding healthy fun to Easter baskets this year. For a limited time you can get 30% off all Osmo kits and games. Which Super Studio kit will your little one like?

Free Osmo Spring Easter Activity Sheets, click here w

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