VTech Kidizoom Twist Review

The VTech Kidizoom Twist was one of our top products for Christmas 2018, therefore, I thought it would be a great to share our review of it for anyone who is considering making the purchase as well. I had older cameras around the house that the girls enjoyed playing with, however, they either didn’t correctly work or we could never recharge it because the cords are missing. The girls have shown an interest in taking pictures. I don’t know if it has something to do with us constantly taking their picture daily or because I’m secretly hoping they become dope creative artists at some point ?

I’ve been eyeing these cameras for a while and decided to add it to our Christmas list for last year. I purchased two VTech Kidizoom Twist in blue and purple (because the girls like different colors in most items). I paid $49.99 plus 5% off at Target but you can currently get them for $39.99 (for the purple, $35.99 for blue) plus 5% off if interested. Amazon currently has different deals on them as well so you may want to check there. I am a little sad that I miss this discount, lol. Anywho, the cameras are great for tiny humans. They can accidentally drop them or step on them (yes this happens with toddlers) without breaking it at all. The quality of the pictures are good if the lighting is great but for kids they’re not as concerned with lighting or picture clarity, they just want the picture of whatever they’re aiming for. The viewfinder has almost a 360 degree turn so that you can get selfies.

Another plus of the camera? It has games?? The games are fun such as matching or they “test” the child’s motor skills of being able to follow objects and “capture” them within a window. There’s about 5 games to choose from and each one seems to keep the girls attention. You can also do 50 photo effects (similar to filters or frames) that help jazz up any pictures they take. Videos and stop motion animations are just a few more additional things you can do with these cameras. I’m happy we finally took the leap and purchased these. I think it’s not only a great camera for kids but we will also be able to do a lot of our nature shots in the spring when we start our garden back up and explore the little insects and critters around us.

What do you think about this camera? Is it something you would be interested in purchasing for your little ones? Let me know!

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